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Republican Precinct Chairs
Xavier Herrera, Pct 2070 Chair
Scott Apley, Pct 341 Chair 
Phillip Webb, Pct 474 Chair
Steve Williams, Pct 476 Chair 
Suzette Griffin, Pct 47 Chair 
Dorothy Carroll, Pct 728 Chair
Justin G. Schiro, Pct 3150 Chair
Gabriel Frank Gonzales II, Pct 417 Chair
I have known Danny Nguyen since 2000 through our many non-profit, charity and volunteer work, as well as professional activities. I can't be happier seeing him running for Congress because I know he would put his business experience into good use, building a partnership with his constituents and working hard for all Americans in district 22nd, of which I belong. As a champion for freedom and liberty with unshakable beliefs in the Constitution, the foundation of our nation, Danny would make all of us proud in the 116th Congress! Go Danny Nguyen! Mai Duong, CPA Board member of TARC, Texas Asian Republican Club. — Mai Duong, CPA

I am very proud to give my endorsement to Danny Nguyen for Congressman to represent the 22nd District in Texas. I have known Danny Nguyen for a long time and know him to be the kind of person that will listen to what the people he will represent say they want and go to work to get it for them. As a businessman himself, he understands what is important and needed by the businessman in his district and will work very hard to get them what they need to be successful. The current office holder has done little to help his constituents because like all career politicians, he is comfortable and is under no pressure to do much if anything to help the people in his district. It is time to elect new blood and help our President drain the swamp of career politicians. Please join me and vote for Danny Nguyen. You will be glad you did. — Larry Faust

I met Danny about four years ago. I know him to be a genuine person, and an honorable man. He keeps his word, and in doing so carries himself in the most respectable manner. If there is anyone whom I would choose and trust to bring credibility and accountability to today's political landscape, it is Danny Nguyen. He says what he means, and means what he says. He works hard, and embodies the spirit of principles that leadership should exhibit. Danny Nguyen has my vote. — Marcus Ford

I think he is the best person for the job. I am the precinct chair for 417 — Gabriel Frank Gonzales II

Everything Danny does is from his kind heart. He truly cares about the people he serves and this great country! He exemplifies integrity and service before self! I highly endorse Danny for Congress. Mylene T. Huynh, MD, MPH — Mylene Huynh

I find Danny to be very sincere and genuine in giving more voice to the people he would represent. We need more like him in DC. — Robert Jeter

I'm sick and tired of Pete Olson's pandering and RINO actions, and his lack of leadership. I'm supporting Danny Nguyen because he promises to be a true conservative in his representation of us. — Dr. Royce Mitchell

As a Vietnamese American community leader for more than 20 years in the Greater Houston area, I am very excited to support Danny Nguyen for Congress. Danny is a candidate with a passion to serve and had such an incredible level of energy to be successful in whichever endeavor he embarks on.
Danny is a candidate who understands the Principles of the Constitution, Liberty and Personal Accountability. But above all, he stands out as a Candidate with a heart, the heart for listening to his constituents with care and bringing all the concerns and issues to Washington DC. He is a man of courage, who would stand up for his constituents to do the right thing despite the pressure from other peer groups. Danny Nguyen came to America as a young refugee and he understands the value of freedom that American citizens have. If elected, I have no doubt that he would be the best congressman of District 22 to be the true voice of his constituents. This March 6th please cast your vote for Danny Nguyen to be your next Representative in the House. He deserves your trust and your vote.

— Anhlan Nguyen

Danny Nguyen is a great business partner and a true mentor. It is admirable his love being of service and helping others. So proud of you, Danny & Marie Nguyen! — Quynh Nguyen

As a Gulf War Veteran and Bronze Star recipient. We need more people like Danny in congress to uphold our military values and protect our veterans and our boarders. — Greg Raines

As an Army Combat Veteran, History Teacher and a Lifelong Fort Bend County Resident, I am proud and excited to support Danny Nguyen for Congress. Danny is a candidate who understands the Principles of the Constitution, Liberty and Personal Accountability. Danny has lived his life as an example of how hard work and dedication are the determining factors to lead a life of success and merit in these United States. Danny Nguyen, a man who came to this county as a refugee, has risen to a community leader, successful business owner and great Texan. This March 6th please consider Danny Nguyen for your next Representative in the House. Stand with Dan! " 

Justin G. Schiro
Precinct Chair 3150
Fort Bend County

— Justin G. Schiro

I am officially endorsing Republican candidate Danny Nguyen.
I have known Danny for many years. Not only is he a friend but a man who has made the extremely difficult decision to run for public office.
Danny is principled, intelligent and hardworking. He is an accomplished businessman and did a fantastic job as Councilman for Missouri City. He understands that the principles of limited government, free enterprise, individual liberty and the rule of law are the cornerstones of our nation. I firmly believe that Danny would do a fantastic job as a candidate representing our District in the US House of Representatives.

Henry Wu
Chairman at American First National Bank


— Henry Wu

As a 2015 Tea Party Populist Trump 40% Base Supporter, recognition of the importance to have Republican Primary Challengers in order complete all President Trump's promises is essential. Danny's background and interests indicate he could lead the way for "TERM LIMITS" — Louis Yelich

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